Friday, May 03, 2002

Well...gosh. Here I am, my very first blog. Probably also my only. As a writer of journals for years (though I don't tend to write such irritating and sexist things as "Mem. Must get recipie for Mina" in mine, I KNOW how to make a Mina....) I thought it was about time I was dragged kicking and screaming into the current century. Why I'll never know, it's one of the great imponderables.

By the way - that recipie, take Winona Ryder, put her in Victorian clothing, give her absinthe and let Gary Oldman molest her whilst talking about how he really can walk in the daylight, honest.....

So please allow me to introduce myself. I'm George, by turns I am a writer, a philosopher, a lover, a fighter, a Pagan, and a student. Oh, and right bastard. In fact,primarily a right bastard. Apparently. Currently I'm skiving off whilst trying to do a radio show, it's one of the many things that take up my days and indeed my precious nights in the course of my (Daria tribute time) Sick Sad Life. I'm sure you'll hear more about all the things I try to fit in and at the same time try not to give myself any violent brain fevers. Though maybe my current other halves might be slightly more sympathetic and not lock me up in a sanitorium. Again, more on this rant later, unsympathetic wives, prevalent theme.

That's about all the introduction you'll get for now, I have to run away at midnight or the whole radio station will turn into a pumpkin and we will merely be seeds. Au Revoir and other such platitudes, see you soon.