Monday, May 06, 2002

Seeing as my entire last entry, including a very long rant about how the name Cain does not make one sound murderous, was lost, I may as well write some more now. I learned HTML code on Saturday (yes I know, HTML is so passe, why not get into Perl? because I'm not a tech head, I hate tech and the feeling's mutual) because I have a new web site under construction, an information and support resource for Wiccans. That's also something I am, a Wiccan, though I like the term Witch myself, has a nice ring to it. Last night (Sunday I think but don't quote me) we decided to cook up a buffet and invite Mish (my Secretary) over to watch films, get drunk and eat Chinese/Thai/Indian food. I made Thai green curry, plain stir fry and crispy beef and other people contributed things like samosas and chicken satay. I ought to point out here, I live with three other people; Sam, my boyfriend of four years tommorow, Ell, one of my best friends, and Tom, a roleplayer. OK so I do roleplay too but that's not the point, he's an archetypal LURPer.
So what fascinating things do I have on the cards today you ask? Well having not read them today, probably not much, a scintilating coach ride through the Carpathians is definatly not in order I'm afrad, just booking a doctor's appointment (I was stupid and drunk enough to lose my pills on my wedding night last week) paying a library fine (someone was so desperate to get their hands on a Gothic Radicalism book that I was left with a £3.50 fine, bastards) and a hell of a lot of washing up and tidying. After that I might hit the books - Icelandic Saga exam not too far in the future.
I suppose this thing will throw an error if I type any more, but I will regurgitate that Cain rant at some point, I feel it needs saying and I always have done. For now though, signing off.