Friday, July 05, 2002

OK so I have a train to catch tommorow at a time when most decent nocturnals would be safely tucked up in bed enjoying the start of at least six more hours sleep. But is that going to stop me fiddling with the Internet all night as usual? Nope. some people have pipe organs which they play with all night, I have the Internet. I would make some awful puns about ghosts and the fact I have been known to use a browser called Opera, but I can't actually be bothered.
Crawfordism aside, I've come to the conclusion that Paul is a decent housemate. I'll admit the tech is annoying, and sometimes it's odd to see a tail going up the stairs in front of you, but I get used to it.
It's probably time for a writing update. Current projects are;
The Happily Ever After trilogy
The Wings and Bloody Sunday offshoots of the HEA 'verse
Rewriting of File 5422914 for submission to Oceans of the Mind
Musical Hearts - semi autobiographical postmodernist-styled, present day
Bleeding White Rose - my contributions to the turbulent life and times of Bethany Morgan and Johnathan Cain
Of these, I'm stalled on all three fanfics, probably because of the trash Joss Whedon has forced down my throat recently. File 5422914 (it's a preliminary title that probably means nothing to anyone else) is such a ripped off piece of plagiaristic crap that it's going to be a task to beat my orginal idea out of it then rebuild it, and I've got little time for the trancework required to write BWR at the moment. On the other hand, Musical Hearts is going very well except my memory is starting to fail me. Can you write the autobiography of a single year? I believe I was out of my skull for most of it. I'm getting a terrible temptation to make Concept 1 (brain dribble which I only wrote because it started to bug me right before my Ethical Philosophy final) into a proper story instead of just throwing ideas at the page like spaghetti at a wall and hoping they stick. *sigh* at least I'm not as sad as one Christine Reynolds, who has written three novella-length Phantom fanfics. They are actually very well written, but I suppose all Phanfic is odd if you aren't a Phan.
Gotta go, things o see, people to do.

Wednesday, July 03, 2002

Well now, my last Blog was a long while ago wasn't it? I don't have a very interesting life at all you see. What's new? My housemates for one, I have lost Ell and Tom (I checked behind the sofa and the cyclop's eye but they are gone... gone..) and we have a Paul. A brand new one, who I have already managed to walk in on whilst he was trying to take a shower - a new record I feel. Mem. must fix lock on bathroom door.
To begin with a few of the things that have been going round my head, I'd like to regurgitate some of the sodden lumps of brain debris I have waiting in the loading bay.... (1) Neverwhere, in the blurb it says Richard will find many things out about his native city. Nitpick; he's from Scotland, not London. (2) Aren't Surgeons "Mr" not "Dr"? If so, why in "Boxing Helena" is chief surgeon Nick Kavanaugh reffered to by all, himself included, as "Dr Kavanaugh"? (3) What building, even one needing as much storage space as an opera house, could possibly need five basement floors? If not, why build them? Or was it built on the ruins of the old Opera Populaire, which was somewhat inexplicably mostly underground?
I told you my life was boring.
Once, when I was drunk and stoned beyond the point of any return, I can to the sudden conclusion. It was a blinding flash of realisation - my left eye was several milimetres bigger than the right one. It was hideous, it made the entire left side of my face feel deformed and distorted. I didn't know how anyone could never have told me that half my face was so totally out of kilter with reality.
So, signing out with half as much face as nature intended and a headful of goodness knows and evil cares what, good day to you.