Thursday, August 22, 2002

Todays random blathering shite is to be a take on my favorite musical that many think of and few have sad enough lives to actually write. Here's what happened....
..I was laying in bed one night with my gorgeous lovely wonderful wife beside me, and conversation fell (because I was reading "Phantom" at the time, though not right *at* the time, you see, I was busy then..) to lines from POTO improved using the word "organ" in much the same pathetic vein as Star Wars lines improved with the use of the word "underpants" the difference being that the word "organ" is appropriate to POTO wheras pants had little to do with Star Wars.
So here are our contributions to the wealth of sadness already out there on the web. By the by, if you're enjoying the sheer random blithering that is The Dolls House, visit for more rubbish.

1) Firmin, during "Notes" - "But Andre, have you seen the organ - oh, it seems you've got one too" Originally "que"
2) Christine, during title song - "The Phantom of the Opera is there, inside my organ" Originally "mind"
3) Madame Giry, during "Magical Lasso" - "Joseph Buquet, hold your organ!" Originally "tongue"
4) Raoul, during "All I Ask Of You" - "My organ will warm and calm you" originally "words"
5) Erik, during "Notes" - "Very well, so it is to be an organ between us!" Originally "war"
6) Carlotta, during "Hannibal" - "Save us from the enslaving organ of Rome!" Originally "force"

I'll be back with more when my brain starts working. I TOLD her we'd forget them if we didn't write them down right then, but we were comfortable...

By the way, my phic addiction grows worse still - I find myself actually wanting to read the absolutely appaling by all accounts "Beauty and The Opera, or, The Phantom Beast" - you can tell it's bad can't you?

Tuesday, August 20, 2002

Soo yeah.. I got "Phantom"! and I've nearly finished reading it too, I'd probably have "Journey of the Mask" and "Progeny" a lot quicker if it hadn't been for my switch getting refused due to lack of money. Oops.... you'd think special order books not due for delivery for anothe rmonth could wait on the money, wouldn't you? Eveidently not.

Well that's the good stuff. The bad stuff is that after almost four and a half years (remember that's nearly a quarter of my life so far) there is no longer a gestalt Sam and George entity. He took it pretty badly - but I knew he would - and now I'm going to have to go back and live with him which I'm very happy doing but that cast iron semi-poster is MINE as is the weaponry on the wall, and there's not room for either in the Lair. Oh I tell a lie, there's room for the bed, just nothing else... trying to reorganise that room is going to be a nightmare, I just know it. Though I've had an ingenious idea for my altar which if it works will save space. It will sadly mean losing my Elemental candelabrum but hey, I could always use another candelabrum for light! Hopefully it shouldn't be too hard but the Lair is being used as storage space while I'm away so when I get back I'll be a bit inconvenienced at first, but I'm looking forward to making my own space. It almost makes me feel nostalgic for my damp little campus room with the nasty carpet and the mould on the walls. I wonder if they ever found the chunk of plaster I stuck back up with false nail glue.......
I think stacking storage is definatly the answer - thank goodness my wardrobe is in the hallway, I could never fit it in there. The more I think of it the more I realise it can be done - and look good. And did I mention the drapes I was planning on? Red, with the Dies Irae embroidered around the bottom in gold. Of course I really should finish the bathroom before I start that, and I will I swear, it's just that people are so damnably unhelpful.
Story of my life really....
So aside from the decorating preoccupation and steady devouring of Susan Kay's (indeed sick and wrong) novel, not much going on here, apart from the fact that if I don't start sleeping better I'm going to have to buy a beret because it's making me horribly clumsy. Adieu, mes amis....