Monday, November 11, 2002

Firstly, does anyone recall when we had that big rant about people thinking I don't do any work? Well listen up. I DO. I work my backside off, do you think it's fun holding down a job and a Wife, doing a dgeree and running a Society? No It's bloody not. And phoning someone up to say "Have you done this?" is NOT work, it's disturbing someone when they're *trying* to work.

Secondly, may I point out that I too am cuddleable and lovable, and rather receptive to certain things. And also that I do not appreciate having my nose rubbed in it like some naughty puppy.

Thirdly, I had dinner with Ramsay Dukes.

Fourthly, "Just walking her to the bus" evidently means "Just off for a wild night of passionate sex, so expect a huge smug grin like you've never seen for the next week at the very least" Not that I object. Sex is free after all. With most people. Clearly I need to brush up my Malespeak skills, I seem to have lapsed.

Fifthly, and my abuse of the English language isn't likely to stop any time soon, I'm tired, I'm ill, I'm tetchy, I'm irritable, and the talk went very well I think.

Do you know nobody would bet against me on the Jellicle's whereabouts? Well Ok yes I know we all knew where he was but hey, £5 bet, and it might have stopped every single one of us bitching tonight. No on the other hand really nothing could have, it was far too justified.

Night all. I shan't say Goodnight, I see nothing good about it.