Saturday, May 03, 2003

Oh please, God, no... I am so shocked I think I may fall over and die...

You're Liam. You were born in 1727 in Galway,
Ireland, and enjoy spending your father's
silver on ale, cards, and of course...your
favorite thing in the world: women. GO YOU!

Are you Angel, Angelus, or Liam?
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Ha, not any more I'm bloody well not.
How Strange The Change From Major To Minor

Everytime, we say goodbye
I die a little....

I'm going to take this one day at a time, because otherwise I'm just going to get confused having had a monumental week. Let's start with Monday shall we? I always thought that was quite a good place. However before we do, how about I mention my Lovely Lady Wife and a sink after three bottles between us? That was I think last Saturday. but in any case;

Lovely Wife has an exam. Here at UKC they do their exams by giving you the paper for 24 hours - which seems odd to me - but in any case, spent Monday with her doing the exam and me drinking a bottle of Asti and chain smoking while trying to study Prometheus Unbound. The conclusion was that such did not really help.

The second of several horrendously early morning starts - well actually they were nothing like horrendous, but I'm on holiday for heaven's sakes. Up to Uni to drop off the paper and then an agonisingly wound up train journey. Have to ever been so excited that you have to just sit there stock-still or you'll jump and scream until you throw up? That was me all the way to Victoria. This was followed by a rampage around Camden (a fairly sedate rampage mind you, we had to save our energy) during which RP bought a cloak (more on the cloak later) Lady Wife bought wedding shoes and new skirt, and I bought a new tailcoat and replaced the watch that my exicted stupidity deprived me of at the last organ recital I went to. Some bright spark then thought it was a good idea for us to instal ourselves in TGI Fridays in Haymarket for the next three hours (having first sensibly ascertained the exact route from the bar to Her Majesty's Theatre) and well.. drank. In my case, drank quite a bit. Replacement Phantom had an ultimate Screaming Orgasm that lasted for ages, while I contented myself with Singapore Slings and other such concoctions. And then.... well, then there was Phantom. And we were all glad we drank beforehand, as much crying like babies was done which could have resulted in dehydration. We saw Phantom!!!!!! WE SAW PHANTOM!!!!!!!!!!

I do not feel at all well. This could be something to do with the lager and lime at lunch, the cocktails before Phantom, the port in the interval, the second lager and lime at Victoria and the 3am bedtime, but what's the odds of that? Much trembling is done, mead is bought, and nervous cooking begins.

If anyone else out there has achieved all these things in one 24 hour period, drop me a line;

1. Getting married
2. Being torn between tears, fainting, and sniggering at the fellow Phantom who cannot seem to disentangle their cloak from the floor.
3. Apologising to your mother in law for the absence of rotting flesh at your reception
4. Playing a game that involved musical lyrics and the loss of clothing
5. Having a "moment" with your new sister in law less than five hours after taking vows of fidelity (Don't worry, it was all perfectly innocent in the end)
6. Kissing your best man/handmaiden/understudy whilst you are both naked
7. Stepping outside for a cigarette wearing only a tailcoat

Okay I did feel a little queasy, I did have a headache, and I did stagger out to the bathroom *thinking* I would be sick a lot, but otherwise a remarkably mild hangover considering the amount and variety that was consumed the previous night. Had to come home and pack. Finish packing, cannot sleep despite less than four hours having been got the previous night, sat in bed with head spinning reading Stephen Fry and feeling very sorry for myself until I pass out.

Slept until Midday, listened to Cave, and then wrote this excuse for a 'blog.

Maybe tomorrow I'll treat you to a Sunday Column. You haven't heard my thoughts on pressing issues such as poodles and television for a while, I don't see why I should spare you any longer.