Saturday, May 10, 2003

Sometimes I get mighty pissed off at Blogger. There I was, 10am today, been up four hours and had brushed up on my knowledge of the inside of the lavatory to the extent where I would no doubt pass Bulimia 101 with flying colours, I was just minding my own business writing a 'blog. Long it was, and full of colourful detail and wit - it was urbane, fascinating, and lost.

Floating in the void of the entropy vaccum we call the Internet, no doubt to be discovered by future generations and hailed as the work of a great genius. But for now you'll have to do without it. Here, however, is 'blog attempt 2 for the day. Several people have commented on my lack of blogging - I'm a very busy rat, though the Dissertation is finally gone. I've now just got to do a great deal of revision, and to nurse my knee. This morning my knee was a sort of lobster red with an inner core of scraped flesh. Now it has turned a fascinating shade of blue grey with a scraped core. Yes you guessed it, oh beloved reading public. Last night the VVR went on the PULSAR bar crawl, "Screaming Queens" themed, the VVR had spent all afternoon playing I Have Never when it should have been revising "Prometheus Unbound" and then it went out in the mother of all dangerous high heels and strutted its funky stuff around campus like the biggest queen that ever lived. Why do all PULSAR bar crawls that are truly great leave me with very sore knees? Reminds me of those times when I woke up in a crumpled heap of skirts somewhere in a back room in Elephant and Castle and realised I wouldn't be able to sit down without wincing for a week.

Still. Fun though.

Ohhh alright since I promised you one last week and you never got one, tommorow you can have a Sunday Column. But you won't like it....